Fiona & Alec Peever Lettering & Scuplture

Hillside memorial installation

We battled through floods and mud to install this hillside memorial ledger stone, in commemoration of an Oxfordshire farmer.

New Memorial Stone for Family Mausoleum - Reflect On Things Past

Installation of a new memorial in Buckinghamshire, within a family mausoleum that we designed several years ago. A robust granite was selected for this massively heavy new ledger stone. We previously carved elephant heads (featured in the family's crest) on Portland stone entrance pillars and reflective quotation texts around the walled area, which have now weathered, naturally enhancing the carving.

New Memorial Stone in Oxford

Alec has carved a memorial tribute to Sir Roger Bannister.

Green slate ledger stone with Portland stone, Wolvercote, Oxford.

Advice on the weathering of stone.....

Alec finds the weathering of stone sometimes has benefits: 'I occasionally get phone calls from clients for whom I made a headstone some 20 years ago, saying they can't read it any more. It usually turns out to be perfectly readable; it just doesn't look new any longer and they were unprepared for the weathering process. So it was gratifying recently to come across this ledger stone I made several years ago in Purbeck Thornback for Burford cemetery, Oxfordshire. I don't have any good shots of it when new; it looked rather blend when I fixed it on a rainy November day, but now the weathering has enhanced the carving marvellously! It commemorates Brian Brolly, who will eventually be joined by his wife Gillian, hence their intertwined initials. Brian was one-time manager of Paul McCartney. They bought and restored the wonderful house nearby, built by Christopher Kempster, Wren's chief stonemason.'

- This article was first published in Letter Exchange FORUM Magazine 2013

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