Fiona & Alec Peever Lettering & Scuplture

Architectural Features

Carving 500mm high letters. Portland stone.   Building title, London                             Grotesques, Bodleian Library, Oxford.   Donors' bench. Winchester College.                                Centipede. Highgate Junior School.                                Obelisk, Museum of Natural History, Oxford.                              Sound mural. Highgate Junior School, London.                            Dodo grotesque. Bodleian Library, Oxford. Nautilus marble floor mosaic, London. Coat of arms, fibreglass.  Calligraphic screen. Highgate School, London.                                  Stag beetle relief carving, Portland stone.                           Cast bronze tree. Rockliffe Hall, Teeside. Poem in Arabic and English. Slough Town Centre. Contemporary gargoyles, Highgate School, London.