Fiona & Alec Peever Lettering & Scuplture


Hand carved Clipsham stone head sculpture Frog. Cast bronze.    Landmark sculpture. Carved ironstone with stainless steel.                              Carved ammonite, Highgate Junior School.                             Maternity. Bath stone.   Owl. Carved limestone.                               Bee colony. Cast bronze with sandstone.                             Chameleon, cast bronze. Grotesques, Bodleian Library, Oxford. 'Helping Hands'. Commemorative sculpture, Lee Valley Park, London. Work in progress. Carved head. Curled figure. Portland stone. Relief carving. Ancaster limestone.    Pangolin sculpture. Cast bronze.                            Sheep. Bath stone with cast bronze.  Bat. Hand carved limestone.                              Head. Bath stone.        Cast bronze tree sculpture.