Fiona & Alec Peever Lettering & Scuplture

Last year was a busy year for us full of interesting commissions and opportunities....

We begin 2013 with completion of our project to design and make decorative artworks for a new building at Highgate School. We were commissioned to make a series of water spouting gargoyles for the front of the building, together with metal screens for the main windows and door, plus carved stone features for the entrance. It was gratifying to see our pieces of work finally installed on the building after months of design work and carving.

Our designs for the window screens were inspired by our research of the calligraphy in the school's archives. We used elements from their original Elizabethan manuscripts, combined with our own hand drawn pen and brushwork. Our completed artwork was scanned and lasercut into metal, the screens being sealed within the glazing to create a bold palimpsest across the windows, so successfully giving the new 'Charter Building' its name.

We carved the 'schoolchildren' themed gargoyles from blocks of fine Portland stone. They were incorporated in the brickwork at the top of the front facade not only to give character and decoration, but to function as true gargoyles spouting excess rainwater from their mouths.

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