Fiona & Alec Peever Lettering & Scuplture

Summer Sculpture and Stone

Alec selects stone at the Clipsham quarry for a new large scale project in Oxfordshire. Temperatures soared with the heat and was reminiscent of Egypt's Valley of the Kings!

Our work will continue to be exhibited into the Autumn at:

Wyndcliffe Court Gardens, St Avran's,

Monmouthshire NP16 6NY

Fiona's work will be exhibited in The National Trust's Sculpture trail at Hidcote Manor Garden, Chipping Camden, September 7th - 29th.

Green Woman, hand carved Bath Stone by Fiona

Summer Sculpture Exhibition

Our work can be seen in a new sculpture exhibition held in the beautiful gardens at Wyndcliffe Court, St. Avran's, Monmouthshire.

Fri 21st June - Sun 11th August

Please check the Wyndcliffe Court website for opening times

Open Fri - Sun Entrance is FREE

This intriguing poem carved in Westmoreland green slate by Alec will be displayed along with a selection of stone sculpture and relief carvings by Fiona.

'Serenity' hand carved Portland stone by Fiona

Elegance and Form Summer Exhibition

Wyndcliffe Court Gardens,

St. Avran's, Monmouthshire,

Gwent, NP16 6EY

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